Pre-Application Questionaire

Please fill in the form in detail:

  1. Name:
  2. Email:
  3. How do we contact you for work?
  4. How will you get to work?
  5. What area of town are you willing to work?
  6. What job(s) are you applying for?
  7. Are you willing to work shift work and weekends? Yes No
  8. Do you have identification for work eligibility? Yes No
  9. For what pay rate?
  10. Will you sign a Release for a Criminal Background Check? Yes No
  11. Are you willing to take a drug screen according to our policy? Yes No
  12. What is your educational background?
  13. Do you have any military background? Yes No
  14. Tell me about the last job you had?  Who, What, Where, When
  15. Tell me about the longest job you have ever had?
  16. Have you applied with us before? Yes No If Yes When?
  17. How did you hear about us?


Your responses will be forwarded to our office and we will contact you soon.

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